John Boling (Susan),
Glazed Honey Ham

Position: CEO
Company: Glazed Honey Ham
Phone:793-5050/fx 793-0606

Type of Business: Specialty meat and sandwich shop
Specialty or Niche: Spiral Sliced Ham
Number of Employees:10
Years in Business: 25
Years in Lubbock: 25
Company’s Accomplishments: Becoming and USDA Plant – 15 years ago
Company’s Outlook: Increase sales retail and thru the internet, by always producing and better quality product every time.
Years in SEA: 24 years 6 mons
CEO/President/Owner: John Boling
Company Representative to SEA: John Boling
Company’s Community Involvement: Greater Southwest Lubbock Rotary, Lubbock Chamber of Commerce and Second Baptist Church.
Other Important Facts about Your Company: We ship our product all over the United States. And we ship for approximately 16 independent ham stores across the US that are not a USDA inspected the facility.
Most Beneficial Thing SEA Has Been To You: SEA has put me in contact with several other independent business owners that I probably would have never made a business relationship with.